fast developing a reputation for great value for money by delivering quality products at very competitive prices.

Why Choose Sanli?



  • Factory Backed

We are the manufacturer. Unlike others we are not an agent or third party. This means greater value for money.


  • Great Service

We have been active for 10 years and are committed to the market. We carry all finished products and all spare parts are readily available


  • World Class

We manufacture our own lawnmower engines, in doing so it allows us to offer you value and service.


  • We Are Unique 

75% of parts used in our machines are produced in house from scratch, which allows us to provide competitive pricing.


  • Quality Products

We make more mowers in one year than the entire Australian market and have been doing so for a long time.


  • Market Leading Prices

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality, at the best prices.


  • Peace Of Mind

Over 250 dedicated service and warranty agents throughout Australia.