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Sanli Product Maintenance Advice

To ensure the quality performance of your Sanli mower it is advised to look after it with these simple tips:

  • Clean your mower after use by brushing off dirt and debris from the wheels and corners.
  • Keep your mower under cover.
  • To prevent internal oil spillage; when checking beneath the mower, tip the mower on its right side (when standing from behind).
  • For optimal performance and minimal mowing time, ensure your oil and blades are changed once a year.
  • Prior to use, check to see if there is sufficient oil as per dip stick provided. Too much or not enough can lead to an engine seizure.
  • After 50 hours of use/or every two years, organise a full service on your mower with one of our authorised repair agents.
  • To avoid any starting complications or engine issues, it is suggested that you change your air filter once a year.
  • To protect your warranty and to guarantee that the safety standards and performance levels are maximised always use genuine spare parts.