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General Questions:

What are tips on mower safety?
  1. Clear the area to be mowed of any stones, sticks, wire and debris before beginning, and always ensure that you mow a safe distance away (over 2 metres) from adults, children and animals.
  2. Keep hands, feet and clothing away from the mower’s moving parts, always wear appropriate footwear (avoid sandals or open shoes).
  3. Never put your hands or feet underneath the chassis of the lawnmower while the engine is running.
  4. Never open the fuel filler cap, or fill the tank, if the engine is still hot after use. Please ensure that you securely tighten the petrol cap after filling.
  5. Mow across the face of slopes, not up & down, and avoid mowing on very steep slopes. We recommend you avoid mowing when it is raining, after nightfall or in poor light conditions.
  6. Do not operate the machine by pulling it towards you as you risk pulling it onto your feet. Instead, always push and walk behind your lawnmower.
  7. Do not fill the tank, or start the lawnmower indoors, or in a poorly ventilated area, as exhaust gases contain poisonous substances and petrol fumes are flammable and dangerous.
  8. Do not alter engine governing settings or over-rev the engine, as excessive speed is dangerous and can reduce engine life.
  9. Turn off the engine before emptying the grass-catcher and before clearing any grass caught in the rear flap where the catcher fits.
  10. Store fuel and oil in a cool well ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and gas cylinders or hot water heater systems.
  11. To inspect the underside of your mower, only tilt the lawnmower to your right, or back, when standing behind it (this is the side where the exhaust is near the ground) otherwise oil may leak into inappropriate areas of the engine. Never tilt the lawnmower when the engine is running.
Which fuel should I use in my Sanli 4-Stroke lawn mowers?

Sanli recommends 95 octane premium unleaded petrol (Do not use Ethanol petrol ie. E10) in Sanli 4 Stroke engines.


Always store petrol in approved containers and you must ensure that you use fresh petrol that is less than 4-6 weeks old. Do not mix oil with petrol.

Which fuel should I use in my Sanli 2-Stroke handheld equipment?

Sanli recommends 95 octane premium unleaded petrol (Do not use Ethanol petrol ie. E10) in Sanli 2 Stroke engines.


What is the correct mix of petrol / oil for my Sanli Handhelds?

Mix 25 parts of 95 octane premium unleaded petrol to 1 part 2-stroke oil (25:1).

What type of oil should I use in my 4-stroke engine?

Our mowers use SAE 30 engine oil

What type of paint is used on the decks?

Sanli push mowers are Powder coated and Ride-ons are baked enamel.

Where can I find Sanli parts?

Unfortunately, we do not sell direct to the public. You can purchase genuine parts through our extensive list of dealers. Check our website to locate your nearest dealer.

What is the cutting height adjustment?

Your lawn needs to be cut to different lengths, depending on the time of year. Too short in summer and the grass can get burnt. Too long in winter and your lawn can turn to mulch. A choice of cutting heights allows you to accurately position the cutting deck of your Sanli lawnmower to optimise lawn quality.

How do I get the best quality of cut?

Walk at slower pace while mowing.
Raise the cutting height on your mower.
Cut the grass more frequently.
Overlap the cutting paths instead of cutting a full path with each pass.
Clean the clippings and dirt from the underside of the mower after each use. (Grass build up inside the mower will affect cutting quality.)

What is the capacity (volume) of the grass catcher?

60 litres for the plastic catcher and 50 litres for the fabric catcher

How do I store my Sanli equipment?

After each use, we recommend cleaning your machine. Once you have cleaned your machine, store it in a cool and dry place away from the rain and sunlight e.g. a shed or a garage.


What is the recommended maintenance schedule for my mower?
  Before each mowing After 5 hours Every 25 hours or once a year

Cutting System

Check and verify its condition   Sharpen and balance blade. Replace worn or damaged blades

Spark Plug

  Check Clean and check the clearance of the electrodes. Replace if necessary

Air Filter

  Check Clean the filter. Replace if necessary


Check the level Drain and renew Drain and renew
How do I change the oil in my mower?

Leave the engine running outdoors for several minutes to warm the oil and make it more fluid. Remove the spark plug cap and unscrew the oil level dipstick. Place a suitable container beneath the mower’s oil filler pipe and tilt the mower onto its side with the air filter and carburettor uppermost. Allow the oil to drain completely into the container. Return the mower onto its four wheels and fill the engine with new oil.

Is my fuel fresh?

For peak engine performance, it's wise to only store fuel for about 4 weeks. After that time, most petrol begin to deteriorate and become less effective. Sanli recommends the use of Fuel Stabiliser to prevent fuel from deteriorating due to age.

How do I store petrol and oil?

Petrol is highly flammable so extreme caution must be taken when handling it. Always store petrol in approved containers


Metal containers are suitable, providing they are of good quality, well- sealed and suitably labelled. The only suitable plastic containers are those specifically marketed for the purpose of fuel storage. These will be embossed with a marking indicating that they comply with the requirements of *AS/NSZ 2906:2001- Fuel containers, portable, plastic and metal. Fully compliant containers can be purchased from hardware stores, auto parts or us. Sanli fuel can part number is KSP-FC1.


Store fuel and oil in a cool well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and gas cylinders or hot wate heater systems.

How often should I change oil?

The first oil change should be carried out after the first 5 hours of mower use. Thereafter, change the oil after every 25 hours use or at least once a year.


Oil should be changed according to your owners’ manual - but more often in severe use or dusty conditions. We find that it is better to change the oil too often than not enough. Oil is cheap insurance against early engine failure.

How do I clean my mower’s cutting deck?

After each use, we recommend cleaning the cutting deck. With the engine stopped and cold, the spark plug lead disconnected, tip the machine onto the muffler side so as to avoid flooding the air filter with oil. Then simply clean the inside of the deck and the blades by spraying them with a hose. After cleaning, move the mower to a dry area. Always refer to your owners’ manual for correct cleaning procedure for your specific model.

My mower’s blades are turned in. Will they open out when the mower is started?

Yes they will open out, when the engine starts. Do not try to reposition the blades

How do I maintain air filter?

An air filter in poor condition will reduce the performance and life of the engine while making it harder to start. Regular checks are therefore essential, especially when using the mower in dusty conditions. Check and clean the air filter every 25 hours of use or more often if the engine is used in a dusty environment. Remove the air filter cover lid and carefully remove the foam filter cartridge. Clean the cartridge in a small bowl of warm water containing a few drops of washing-up liquid until it is perfectly clean and free from all traces of grease and dust. Rinse the filter cartridge in clean water and then squeeze gently to remove most of the water. Let it air dry until it is completely dry. Clean the cover and inside of the air filter box with a clean lint-free cloth. Apply a uniform layer of oil to the outside of the cartridge filter with a brush (you can use clean engine oil for this). Insert the filter cartridge into its housing and replace the filter lid, ensuring that each component is in place and properly installed. If the filter cartridge is damaged or is very dirty, replace it using a genuine part.

How do I find the right spark plug for my Sanli machine?

We recommend to use NGK BPR6ES or Torch F6RTC for Sanli 4 stroke mowers and Champion RCJ6Y or NGK BPMR7A spark plug for Sanli trimmers, blower/vac, hedge trimmer and pole saw.

When do I change spark plug for my Sanli machine?

Mowers: for best results we advise you to replace the spark plug after 100 hours of use. When refitting the spark plug do not over-tighten. If adjusting yourself, note the spark plug gap must be set to 0.75mm.

Handhelds: for optimum results we advise you to replace the spark plug after 20 hours of use. When refitting the spark plug take care not to over-tighten. If adjusting yourself, note that the spark plug gap must be set to 0.6 to 7.0mm

Warranty and Service:

How long is my warranty?

Sanli warranty term:

  Consumer Use Commercial Use
Lawn Mowers 5 years* (condition apply) 90 days
Ride On 2 Year on the engine** and 1 Year on the unit 90 days
Brush Cutter 2 Years N/A
Blower/ Blower Vac 2 Years N/A
Hedge Trimmer 2 Years N/A
Pole Saw 2 Years N/A
Note: *1 year warranty on BIG350 and BBP350 and 2 year warranty on BBP400
**Briggs & Stratton covers the Ride-ons engine warranty
Please refer to your user manual for detailed warranty information
What does my warranty cover and not cover?

Under warranty Sanli product is warranted from the date of purchase against mechanical defects and faulty workmanship or material. Warranty covers only the replacement, repair or adjustment of parts which fail due to a fault in manufacture.


Sanli Authorised Service Centre are authorised to determine whether a claim will be covered under warranty, or payable by the owner on completion.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Intentional or unintentional misuse, abuse or breakages
  • Failure to follow fuel selection instructions, operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Oiled air cleaner or starting difficulty caused by mower incorrectly tipped on its side
  • Consumable items (including oil, blades, air filter and spark plugs)
  • Defects or faults caused by an act or omission after leaving manufacture
  • Incorrect, contaminated or poor quality fuel (older than 3 months) or oil
  • Incorrect maintenance or storage of the product
  • Water damage or environmental conditions
  • Failure to observe safety requirements
  • Any loss or damage arising from faulty parts or workmanship
  • Transport cost to and from authorised Sanli Dealer
Who covers the warranty on Sanli Ride-ons?

Briggs & Stratton covers the engine warranty and Sanli covers the unit.

What do I need to do if I need to get my mower serviced under warranty?

Find Sanli authorised dealers in our website or from calling Sanli customer service on 02 97710088.


Take your mower to the Servicing dealer with the purchase receipt. Your proof of purchase is required for warranty purposes.

Where do I go to get my Sanli products serviced?

For any servicing and warranty needs, look up your nearest AUTHORISED SANLI specialist dealer on this website - they'll be pleased to help.