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Garden Care Tips & Ideas



Importance of Mowing

To take care of your yard properly, it is essential to mow regularly as it comes with a number of benefits. The cosmetic benefits are easily noticed first as it helps keep your lawn short, tidy and even.




Benefits of Mulching

Not only are there time saving benefits with mulching, it is also the most advantageous for your lawn. Mulching allows for the grass clippings to fertilise your lawn by providing essential nutrients which rapidly and revitalises the soil.




When Should You Mow

Ideally, you should mow regularly (once a week) to keep your lawn as neat as possible. The best results are produced with sharp blades. During summer you should mow your lawn at least once a fortnight, while in the slower growing winter season you will get away with once every three to four weeks.





Best Mowing Height

When your lawn is in great condition and well watered, you may safely lower your cutting height to 2.5cm. To avoid weakening your lawn and scalping please refrain from going lower, this will also help fight off the growth of weeds and diseases.




Choosing a Mower

First thing to consider when deciding what mower best suits you is to assess the size of your lawn. From that you can decide whether you will need a bigger mower or a smaller one, the two most popular models either have a cut & catch feature or mulch & catch.




Watering your Lawn

To ensure nourishment and minimise water evaporation the best time to water your lawn is either in the morning or late afternoon. If your soil is sandy, try to mulch regularly to increase your lawns ability to hold water.





Fertilising Tips

Mulching your lawn helps to fertilise it, by returning essential nutrients into the ground that aid in stabilising soil moisture by the reducing evaporation from the soil surface. This leads to a water saving of roughly 25-50%. If mulching isn’t done regularly you can purchase fertilisers from gardening stores, aim to find one with a balance of the major required nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.